Air Carrier Certification

Exclusive Use Aircraft

You must have one of the following:
        ◉ Aircraft registration showing the Operator owns the aircraft.
        ◉ An exclusive use dry lease agreement that -
              ❍ Must be between registered owner and Operator.
The Exclusive Use Dry Lease Agreement must address:
        ◉ Aircraft make and model, serial number, and FAA registration number.
        ◉ Term must be 6 months or greater.
        ◉ Rent or amount to be paid on an hourly basis, or equivalent.
        ◉ Maintenance responsible party and details.
        ◉ Possession, Command and Operational Control details.
        ◉ Payment of taxes.
        ◉ Restriction on liens.
        ◉ Payment and details of insurance.
        ◉ Consequences of default.
        ◉ Additional contractual details.
        ◉ Signatures.
Examples can be found at Onecle.
USAC can tailor an exclusive use dry lease agreement during certification.
Compliance with Truth-In-Leasing requirements:
        ◉ Applies to aircraft over 12,500 pounds.
        ◉ Assure lease complies with CFR 91.23.
        ◉ Mail or deliver a copy of the agreement within 24 hours of signing to
              ❍ FAA Aircraft Registration Branch (AFS-750)
                  Attn: Technical Section
                  PO Box 25724
                  Oklahoma City, OK 73125
        ◉ Notify POI at least 48 hours prior to first flight under the agreement.
        ◉ Carry a copy of the agreement in the EFB.

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