Air Carrier Certification

Company Basic Indoctrination Training
(Simple Outline)
(As Applicable)
  1. Company Procedures, Authorizations, and Limitations
    1. Anti-Drug/Alcohol Program
    2. General Operations Manual
    3. General Maintenance Manual
    4. Flight Attendant Program
    5. Operations Specifications
    6. Company Flight Control
    7. Weight and Balance
    8. Electronic Flight Bag
  2. Scenario-Based Training (every 2 years)
    1. Emergency Evacuation
    2. Fire Extinguisher and Smoke Removal
    3. Use of Emergency Exits
    4. Crew and Passenger Oxygen
    5. Life Rafts & Vests
  3. International and RVSM
    1. International Flight Operations
    2. Oceanic Operations
    3. Long Range Navigation and Communications
    4. RVSM Airspace
  4. Emergency Situation Training (CBT)
    1. Aircraft In-Flight Emergencies
    2. Aircraft Fires and Handheld Fire Extinguishers
    3. First Aid Equipment
    4. Illness, Injury and Basic First Aid
    5. Use of Emergency Exits
    6. Ground Evacuation
    7. Ditching
    8. Life Rafts & Vests
    9. Rapid Decompression
    10. Hijacking and Other Unusual Situations
  5. Emergency Hands-On Drill Training
    1. Handheld Fire Extinguishers
    2. Portable Oxygen Systems
    3. Emergency Exits
    4. Ditching Equipment
  6. Aircraft Ground Operations
    1. Ground Handling
    2. Ground De-Icing
  7. Security Awareness
  8. TSA Security Training (12/5 Program)
  9. Instructor Training
  10. Check Airman Training

General Subjects Training
(Computer-Based Training)

CFR Part 91 Subpart F
CFR Part 1-97
49 CFR Part 830
CFR Part 110 & 119
CFR Part 135
ADS-B Overview
Aeronautical Information Manual
AeroNav Charts
Airspace Overview
Aviation Safety Action Program
Aviation Weather Theory
Canadian Rules of the Air
Canadian Air Traffic Services
Canadian AIM
CFIT Avoidance
Classes of Fire
CRM-ADM (FW) or (RW)
Flat-light, Whiteout, and Brownout
GPS (FW) or (RW)
HazMat Will or Will Not Carry
Helicopter Subjects
HAA Operations
High Altitude Weather and Aerodynamics
Jeppesen Charts
Land and Hold Short Operations
Lower than Standard Takeoff Minimums
Performance-Based Navigation (PBN)
Physiology and First-Aid
PRM-SOIA Procedures
Runway Incursion
Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum
Traffic Advisory System (TAS)
Winter Operations

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