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Pre-Purchase and FAA Conformity Inspection

The combined pre-purchase inspection can easily be with an FAA aircraft conformity inspection. We recommend this because the seller must pay to resolve any airworthiness discrepancies. The conformity inspection is required for charter aircraft and gets the FAA involved to help assure aircraft compliance with regulations.

Aircraft/Company-specific Documents Prepared: We prepare the following documents, as appropriate, for the conformity inspection. Several of these documents exist as a template and can be tailored for our unique requirements.

Aircraft Lease/Agreement

Pilot Training Program

Request for Conformity Inspection

Conformity Inspection Checklist

Ground De-icing Procedures

Proving Test or Validation Plan

Aircraft-Specific Document Review: The following documents are associated with the aircraft. These documents are required for both private and charter operations.

Registration Certificate

Airworthiness Certificate

Radio Station License

Aircraft Logbooks

Time Critical Component List

Equipment List

Maintenance Training Program

RVSM Manual

Maintenance Program

Major Alternations

Aircraft Inspection Program

CAMP (10+ Pax)

Maintenance History: The FAA is particularly interested in assuring that no time critical component (or life limited component) exceeds the manufacturer's recommended time between overhaul (TBO). They will inspect the maintenance records to assure that all airworthiness directives and mandatory service bulletins have been addressed. All aircraft inspections must be within time limits. These and all items above are examined during the document review.

Timeline: The pre-purchase and conformity inspections take no less than a week. Additional time is required if any of the above items must be repaired, overhauled, or replaced. Combining these inspections result in the shortest time to charter readiness.

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