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John W Beck, PhD, ATP, CFII, DPE

John Beck has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; and, a Masters Degree in Nuclear Engineering. He is retired from Bell Laboratories, AT&T and Duke University Medical Center. John started flying in 1971; and, holds an ATP and CFII with type ratings in Falcon, Hawker, and Citation aircraft. He has held an air carrier certificate for the past three decades and is currently an aviation consultant and DPE.

Bell Labs and AT&T provide additional training in management and process engineering. Dr. Beck graduated from the Defense Systems Management College with a degree in program management. He has written a technical project management handbook used in Government Systems and played a key role developing a supercomputer for the Navy. As a lead ISO assessor, he improved quality and shortened the time from R&D to production. Key contributions were in management technology, engineering quality, and compliance.

As an aviator, Dr. Beck currently serves as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner where he administers practical tests and issues airman certificates. This resulted in automating the creation of an airman's practical test. John places a high value on excellent with regard to aviation knowledge and precise airmanship. Principles include constant improvement, continuing education, and teamwork. These principles are integrated into the training material and functionality of this website.

Favorite activities include hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, skiing, flying, and conducting practical tests.

Paul R Grieco, ATP, CFII

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