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Directions to Caldwell Airport

Directions to Caldwell Airport from Holmdel:

  • Take the Garden State Parkway North to Route 280 West.
  • Take Eisenhower Parkway South to the first traffic light and turn left on Eagle Rock Road. It's not very far.
  • Turn left at the next traffic light (a couple blocks) onto Passaic Avenue.
  • Continue for several miles. Caldwell airport will be on your left. There will be a traffic light with a gas station on the right. You will soon be able to see the control tower on your left. A big hangar to the left with MacDan Aviation on the side.
  • Turn left into the driveway and parking area. There are two driveways close together. It's the one just to the right by the little "enter" sign.
  • You can park near the hangar. Go into the building and find the lobby where you can likely find me walking around getting ready to go.

Prior to departure, a weight and balance must be calculated.  Each passenger's weight and the weight of their luggage will be entered into a computer to determine the loading and to assure that the total weight is within safe limits.  Early weight and balance calculations will enable early fuel loading so, if possible, provide weights as early as they are known.  Otherwise, plan to spend a few extra minutes prior to departure.

The pilot can be contacted by cell phone prior to departure at 908-512-9039.  Don't hesitate to call if you need help with directions or think you will be late. Good luck!

Mail to: John W. Beck