FAA Practical Test
John W Beck, PhD, ATP, DPE


Airman Practical Tests
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  1. Complete the IACRA Application.
    Paper Form 8710-1 is not acceptable.
  2. Create Login and Password.
    You MUST create a Login and Password before proceeding!
    Use your full legal name.
  3. Enter Pilot Information.
  4. Enter Aircraft Information.
  5. Upload Documents.
  6. Review Prep Checklist.
  7. Scheduling: Once your data is entered and records uploaded
    and verified, send email to notify us you are ready. We will
    then schedule your practical test.
  8. Detailed instructions will be provided.

Availability in Summer is Limited

Multi-Engine Rating (June, July)
Instrument Rating (June, July)
Commercial Pilot (June, July)
CFI and Others Resume in September

Airplane Single & Multi-Engine Land Practical Tests

Multi-Engine Rating
Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot Certificate
Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
CFI and CFII Certificate

Multi-Engine Aircraft Practical Tests

Cessna 414
Cessna 310
Diamond DA42
Piper Seminole
Beech Baron 58
Beech Duchess BE76

Simulator & Flight Instruction

Cessna 172
Cessna 182
Cessna 414A
Baron 58
GNS 430/530
GTN 750
Garmin G1000

Practical Test Locations

Monmouth Executive (BLM)

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