FAA Practical Test
John W Beck, PhD, ATP, DPE


Practical Test Checklist

  1. Appointment with Examiner:
    1. Examiner's Name_____________________________
    2. Location ____________________________________
    3. Date/Time ____________________________________
  2. Acceptable Aircraft
    1. Aircraft- appropriate and equipped for the test
    2. If GPS equipped, Database expires on _______________
    3. Current Tach/Hobbs Time ___________________
    4. Aircraft verified as being legally airworthy.
  3. Aircraft Documents:
    1. Airworthiness Certificate
    2. Registration Certificate
    3. Operating Limitations (POH/AFM)
    4. Aircraft Maintenance Records
    5. Logbook Record of Airworthiness Inspections and AD Compliance
    6. Pilot's Operating Handbook (POH), FAA-Approved Airplane Flight Manual (AFM)
  4. Personal Equipment
    1. View-Limiting Device
    2. Current Aeronautical Charts (may be electronic)
    3. Computer and Plotter
    4. Flight Plan Form (printed or electronic)
    5. Flight Logs (printed or electronic)
    6. Chart Supplements, Airport Diagrams, Current AIM, Airport Facility Directory, and Appropriate Publications
  5. Personal Records
    1. Identification-Photo/Signature ID
    2. Pilot Certificate
    3. Current and Appropriate Medical Certificate
    4. Completed FAA Form 8710-1, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application with Instructor's Signature (if applicable). Required even if IACRA is used.
    5. IACRA username and password
    6. Computer Test Report
    7. Original Airman Knowledge Test Report
    8. Pilot Logbook with appropriate Instructor Endorsements
    9. Recency Requirements met
      1. Biennial Flight Review (BFR)
      2. Landings (day & night)
      3. Instrument Proficiency (if appropriate)
    10. FAA Form 8060-5, Notice of Disapproval; or, Letter of Discontinuance (if applicable)
    11. Approved School Graduation Certificate (if applicable)
    12. Examiner's Fee.