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Data Entry

Data entry takes 15-20 minutes either by phone or web. The types of data are listed below. Customer Care is standing by to answer any questions you may have.

Agent Data


Phone Number

Email Address (optional)

Your Title

Principal Base of Operations

(a.k.a. Physical Address)

Company Data

Company Name and Address

Doing Business As [Name]

Initial Aircraft Data

Aircraft Registration Number

Aircraft Serial Number

Type of Operation

Passenger Briefing Cards

Make and Model

Aircraft Owner

Type of Aircraft

Geographic Area of Operation

Additional Aircraft Data

Copy of Aircraft Registration

Passenger Briefing Card (copy)

Lease Agreement
(Unless owned by certicate holder.)

Management Personnel Data (Full 135 Operator)

Management People

Director of Operations

Chief Pilot

Director of Maintenance

For Each Management Person

Name and Address

Phone Number

Email Address

Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)

Principal Operations Inspector (POI)

FSDO Address and Phone Number

Pre-application Statement of Intent Data

Proposed Startup Date

Three-Letter Company ID

Additional Documentation

Pilot Resumes and Certificates

Commercial Aircraft Insurance

Drug Abatement Program Information


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