Getting Started

Getting Started

As a US FAA Part 135 or 121 operator:

      You and the management personnel must be a US citizen.

Your First Decision: You should use a consulting organization such as USAC Aviation.

      You will achieve certification better, faster, easier, and cheaper.

      You will reduce the processing time from when the FAA begins processing your application.

      The quality of your submission will be significantly higher.

      The return on investment and time will be significant.

Prerequisites: There are four items required by the FAA:

      an aircraft,

      qualified flight crew,

      commercial aircraft insurance, and

      qualified management personnel (ref. CFR 135.119).

Minimum PIC Flight Experience Requirements Part 135.243(b) and (c) require that a PIC who does not hold an ATP certificate and who conducts operations that do not require an ATP certificate must have acquired a minimum number of flight hours before serving as a PIC.

Pilot Total Cross-
VFR PIC 500 100 25*
IFR PIC 1,200 500 100
*Night cross-country hours.

Pre-Application: Your pre-application statement of intent (PASI) is now required to be submitted via the Safety Assurance System:

      Exclusive use aircraft.

      Director of Operations, Director of Maintenance, and Chief Pilot.

      Requested authorizations to be included in the Operations Specifications.

      Additional information is included in the data collection tools.

      When the FAA is ready to process your application, you will be notified.

      The current wait to get started is almost two years.

Next Steps: The next steps are described in the following pages.

      Application - Letters, Forms, and Documents

      Document Preparation - Manuals and Forms

      Aircraft Conformity - Preparation and FAA Inspection

      Training - Company Specific Training

      Check Ride - FAA Practical Exam as per FAR 135.293-299.

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