Step 2

Selection and Order

Basic 135 Operator:

      Same as the Full 135 Operator.

      Limit of 5 pilots and 5 aircraft.

Full 135 Operator:

      Exclusive use of at least one single-engine or multi-engine aircraft.

      There are no restrictions on the number or type of aircraft.

      There are no restrictions on the number of pilots.

      A General Operations Manual and Training Manual are both required.

      A qualified Director of Operations and Chief Pilot are required.

      A qualified Director of Maintenance is required.

Optional Authorization:

      Minimum Equipment List (optional).

      Extended over-water operations (optional).

      Canadian Foreign Air Carrier Certificate (optional).

      Electronic Flight Bag and Electronic Record Keeping (optional).

      Areas of operations specified in ops spec B050.

      Additional authorizations specified in ops specs.

Passenger Seats: The big-ticket items for different size aircraft are:

      9 or Less: General Operations Manual.

      10 or More: Same, plus a General Maintenance Manual

      More than 19: Same as 10 or more plus a Flight Attendant program.

Larger aircraft require additional manuals, which can be labor-intensive.

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