Air Carrier Certification

Onboarding Airmen
(Instructions for Employment)
(Automated at USAC Operations Software)

Applicability: Compliant with Company PRIA manual, FAR 120, and TSA requirements.
    ◉ Flight Crew
    ◉ Management Personnel
    ◉ Mechanics
    ◉ Inspectors
    ◉ Dispatchers
    ◉ Check Airmen.

Step 1

Resume: Must show the airman is qualified for the desired position and include:
    ◉ Name, address, citizenship, date, phone, and email address.
    ◉ Class of medical, current and prior expertise.
    ◉ Certificates and ratings held; and, type ratings.
    ◉ Flight experience and logged hours (broken down).
    ◉ Education and work experience.

Step 2

Employment Application: Must include data used in the onboarding forms.
    ◉ Record Request Forms – These are required to obtain pilot records.
        ❍ FAA Form 8060-10 (now use FAA Pilot Records Database).
        ❍ FAA Form 8060-11 Air Carrier and Other Records Request.
        ❍ FAA Form 8060-12 Drug Testing Records Request.
Certificates and Licenses: Good B&W scan of certificates and licenses
    ◉ B&W scans should be 34 KB or less.
    ◉ Color scans should be less than 1MB size.
    ◉ The following are required:
        ❍ Airman Certificate
        ❍ Medical Certificate
        ❍ Driver's License
        ❍ FCC Permit (for international)
        ❍ Passport
        ❍ Other applicable documents.
Pilot Logbook: Verify appropriate certificates, ratings, and endorsements.
    ◉ Scan Applicable Pages – Evidence airman is qualified.
        ❍ This shows due diligence was made to assure qualifications.

Step 3

Drug and Alcohol Misuse Training:
    ◉ Training must be completed before Step 4 or Step 5.
    ◉ Airman may not serve in a covered position until a verified negative is received.
    ◉ The following records must be retained after training.
        ❍ Signed Notice and Consequences
        ❍ Signed Company Policy Regarding Medical Marijuana
        ❍ Signed Consent Form / Alcohol Misuse Information Material Receipt Form
        ❍ Contact Person Regarding Alcohol Testing
        ❍ Covered Worker Quiz.
Supervisor Training: Persons supervising the drug and alcohol program.
    ◉ Supervisors must additionally complete –
        ❍ Signed Supervisor Anti-Drug and Alcohol Certification Form
        ❍ Supervisor Questionnaire.
Initial Drug Test: A pre-employment drug test is required.
    ◉ Must be completed prior to serving in a covered position.
    ◉ A verified negative must be received prior to serving in a covered position.
    ◉ Failure to do so results in a violation; and,
    ◉ A $750 file for each leg flown out of compliance.

Step 4

Offer Letter: This becomes a record of the offered position, date, duties.
    ◉ The offer letter constitutes a formal offer of employment.
    ◉ Defines the terms and conditions of employment.
Employment or Contract Agent Agreement: A legally binding document.
    ◉ Includes a summary of Duties and Responsibilities
    ◉ Must be reviewed and signed by both parties.
    ◉ Establishes criteria in case there is a need to terminate an employee for cause.
Training: The following training must be completed.
    ◉ Basic Indoctrination (Company Procedures)
    ◉ Basic Indoctrination (General Subjects) – Computer Training Systems (CTS)
    ◉ Emergency Training.

Step 5

Training: Training must be completed prior to checking.
    ◉ May be completed at:
        ❍ Flight Safety
        ❍ CAE
        ❍ In-House (must be FAA approved)
        ❍ Other FAA approved contract training facility.
    ◉ Covers the following covered positions:
        ❍ Aircraft-Specific Training
        ❍ Flight Attendant Training
        ❍ Mechanic Training
        ❍ Dispatcher Training.
Qualification: The following checks must be completed.
    ◉ FAR 135.293 (Pilots) Company Procedures and Aircraft Knowledge (due every 12 months)
    ◉ FAR 135.295 (Flight Attendants) Initial and Recurrent (due every 12 months)
    ◉ FAR 135.297 (Pilots) Instrument Proficiency (due evert 6 months)
    ◉ FAR 135.299 (Captains) Line Checks (due every 12 months)
    ◉ FAR 135.337 (Check Airmen)
    ◉ Mechanic Training (as per GMM) (due every 12 months).

--- END ---

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