FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certification

FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certification


About USAC

USAC Aviation was formed in 2006 as a New Jersey LLC to create air carrier certificates for operators located in the USA.

USAC has created over 300 air carriers worldwide.

USAC operates its own Part 135 charter company.

USAC creates and sells an air carrier annually.

USAC excels in Part 135 certification, training, and operations.

This website supports USAC clients with aircraft having nine-or-less and ten-or-more passenger seats (up to 30 seats). Special emphasis addresses:

Company Indoc Training

Management Training

Proving Run Training.

About This Website

Applicable to USAC Clients and Subsidiaries

Supports training in accordance with:

❍ Company Manuals and Electronic Flight Bag

❍ Operations Specifications and Authorizations

❍ Safety Assurance System - DCT's (SAS.faa.gov).

The initial indoc training is face-to-face and recurrent indoc training is supported by online training. Continuing education is integrated into recurrent indoc training.

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